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Helping women become confident course creators.

Hi! I’m Mary Ellen Roth, an expert in the art of creating engaging courses. Through my practice and study I have developed expertise on the specifics of teaching adults online for greatest participation, retention, and successful outcomes. I support creative women like you to thrive independently by helping you to confidently create online courses.

I’ve developed a toolkit of resources to help you create lasting change for your clients: how to develop powerful and engaging programs that enrich your clients lives, encourage high completion rates, and inspire them to produce great results and live better lives.  

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Are you an aspiring course creator?

Do you have great content that you want to share with the world?

Do you lack the time or knowledge to create effective online courses?

Do you wish to creatively express yourself to change the lives of others?

Do you desire the confidence to share your genius online?

Read more about me or contact me now and learn how you can get started creating great courses. Email: mary@maryellenroth.org